Engaged: 5 Tips for an Epic Engagement

Engaged: 5 Tips for an Epic Engagement

Engaged: 5 Tips for an Epic Engagement

November through February is known as engagement season. If you plan on browsing social media for the next few weeks, prepare yourself for the sea of ring selfies and proposal stories – they are coming! If you are one of the lucky ones who will be getting engaged during the holidays – here’s a list of engagement essentials just for you!

Enjoy the moment

Before you do anything, take time to celebrate with your partner. Many couples prioritize wedding planning over enjoying their engagement. Being engaged is equally special and can lay a beautiful foundation for a wonderful marriage.

Keep calm

Didn’t capture your engagement on camera? Not happy with your engagement ring? Wish your partner was more romantic or that your friends and family could have witnessed the special occasion with you? Let’s be honest. Not everyone gets the proposal they hope for or dream of. Acknowledge that your proposal story is equally beautiful, even if it did not go exactly how you would have planned. Remember that rings can be changed, engagement photos can be booked and you can always plan a surprise party to tell your loved ones that you’re engaged to be married! Don’t miss out on the moment by thinking too much about what you would have done differently.

Celebrate with your family & friends

I know that you’re excited, but take a moment to yourself before announcing your engagement on social media. Who would you like to inform in person or in private? Even if you have no preference, would it hurt to¬†wait until you arrived home to mum and dad? You don’t need to delay your plans for a second aunty from your great grandfather’s side but consider those who are truly important to you. Linger in the excitement of your engagement by enjoying everyone’s reactions over a call, visit or WhatsApp text. We, your Instagram friends, can wait!

Take a breath

Once you are engaged, one of the first and most nagging questions you will receive from everyone you know and strangers alike is:

So when’s the wedding?

In case you were wondering, you do not need to know or share the answer right away. Though you should probably pick a date or a few dates as soon as possible, you’re allowed a moment to let the engagement sink in. If you must, have a chat with your partner about how long you both need to think a little more on the type of wedding you would like, what your budget is and how long your engagement will last. If you’ve planned all these details in advance! Hooray. You’re on your way to planning one of the most important celebrations of your life!

Make time for yourself

You are about to have one hell of a time! Decide if you will keep a journal, have a monthly coffee by yourself or write a blog. Preparing for marriage can be overwhelming! It will help to have an enjoyable or creative outlet to remember the occasion and de-stress when times are tough.

PS. You’re engaged, have fun!

We are so excited for you and wish you all of the best as you embark on this new and romantic journey. If you’re looking out for a party or wedding planner, we’re only a click away! For laughs, we’d also highly recommend that you binge watch the hilarious Tali’s Wedding Diary on Showmax.

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